Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday With Mother

My mother is in town and she will be here for the remainder of the week. This gives us opportunity to spend quality time together, something ,I deeply cherish. My wife is out of town so she offered to come spend time with my nine year old (Jared) and I.
What a time we had today! We bowled a couple of games. You should have seen us amateurs stinking up the joint but, we had fun. It wasn't long before our stomachs started to growl when my son Jared suggested we go for pizza.
I'm so glad I took the time to live a little because sometimes we pastors get lost in our ministries at the expense of our families. The demands of ministry overwhelms us so that we become strangers in our very own home.
Well after our little excursion we headed to the grocery story because there was a famine at home and you just cannot live off carry-out alone.
As I conclude these thoughts let me express my gratitude to Pastor Mann my new found friend and brother for insisted upon this experience of blogging. Pray that I continue. Blessings!!!!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Pastor McGhee, I am honored for the shout out. You are a gifted preacher who needs his thoughts and passions heard and read to be truly appreciated. I will be responsible for keeping you blogging regularly. God be praised.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Pastor McGhee, you are so right, we become consumed with saving the church to the point of losing our family. Thanks for the reminder!!