Thursday, March 5, 2009

Present Suffering; Future Glory

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us. (NKJV)

As we continue our journey through the book of Romans, we find joy in studying chapter 8, which, many scholars agree, to be the crown jewel of the entire epistle. While reading this great chapter the above verse leaped from the page and has not let me go since. It’s hard for me to express succinctly my enthusiasm concerning the content of the chapter and how it blessed me and members of our congregation on Wednesday evening. Please allow the following summation of John MacArthur’s treatment of the text to suffice.

“Those who do not know Christ have no hope when they suffer. Whatever the reason for their affliction, it does not come upon them for Christ's sake, or righteousness's sake, and therefore cannot produce for them any spiritual blessing or glory. Those who live only for this life cannot look forward to any resolution of wrongs or to any comfort for their souls. Their pain, loneliness, and afflictions serve no divine purpose and bring no divine reward.

Christians, on the other hand, have great hope, not only that their afflictions eventually will end but that those afflictions actually will add to their eternal glory. Long before the incarnation of Christ, the prophet Daniel spoke of believers' glory as "the brightness of the expanse of heaven," and as being "like the stars forever and ever" (Dan. 12:3).

As followers of Christ, our suffering comes from men, whereas our glory comes from God. Our suffering is earthly, whereas our glory is heavenly. Our suffering is short, whereas our glory is forever. Our suffering is trivial, whereas our glory is limitless. Our suffering is in our mortal and corrupted bodies, whereas our glory will be in our perfected and imperishable bodies.”

MacArthur New Testament Commentary – Romans 1-8, pp. 450



Pastor McGhee

Thank You for allowing GOD to use you as pastor, I have grown spiritually substantially with prayers there is no turning around.

Lead us to the promise land.

GOD Bless~~~

Anonymous said...

Pastor, I pray each day that I can have half the understanding and wisdom you have for the inspired word. Not only in the words you write, but your preaching, teaching and walk illustrations of how you fully embrace the Lord’s love. Your faith is extremely contagious it’s a blessing to be in your congregation and an honor to know you. Please continue to lead us in the written word so that so many of us can finally have an understanding that has long eluded us.

God Bless You My Pastor,
Brother Armstrong

Vietta P said...

Playing Devil's Advocate: (Last paragraph)

If my suffering is from man, why do I feel that God partners in the suffering of all mankind? Why the sick, the homeless, the poor will be with us always when there is heavenly powers to eleviate it? Why did God and where was God during 911, the great tropical Tsunami, the California infernos, etc? Our suffering does not feel as if it is short and certainly not TRIVIAL as over two million are laid off their jobs in a year's time. How much more suffering will the Lord "stand by" and "watch"?

A Rebuttal Doc?

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Pastor McGhee, you have again shown us a great example of a Pastor's heart. I count it an honor to call you brother and friend.



Mother Vietta,

My pastor has shared with us that suffering will come along with serving Christ, my Grandmother use to say "Must JESUS bare the cross alone and all the world go free, NO! there is a cross for you and me”.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Great Post Bro,

I always enjoy reading your thought provoking posts!

Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee, I thank God for your teachings and love for his people. I agree with the brother who spoke of your wisdom. Eventhough we know the book of Job tells us that Wisdom is not to be found among men and no one knows its true value. It also tells us that it is the Spirit of our Almighty God that comes to men and gives them Wisdom. We know that left to our own resources we would fail most miserably. May you continue to be obedient to what the Spirit imparts to you to share with others that we will continue to trust in the Lord and demonstrate Faith without fail. I will continue to pray that the Lord will Bless you and your Family as you have been a blessing to others.

God Bless