Monday, April 26, 2010

"Strengthen Thy Stakes"

Lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes. Isaiah 54:2.

If we are going to lengthen our cords we had better strengthen our stakes. The church today is intent on expanding borders and taking in more territory. That is good if along with it we strengthen what we have. Otherwise, we gain width at the expense of depth and become shallow.

The Christian and the church need an intensive as well as an extensive ministry. Vast ingatherings of believers bring peril if we do not teach, indoctrinate, build up in the faith. To use A. J. Gordon's illustration, the average church is often like a congested lung with only a few cells doing the breathing. There is usually a faithful nucleus surrounded by a mass of nominal Christians.

While we extend the borders of our tent, we had better check the center pole. We must fix the point of our compass properly before we describe our circles. We are in tremendous need of a ministry to strengthen our stakes that we may go further as we go deeper.

Day by Day: A Book of Bible Devotions. By Vance Havner


Ronald said...

As usual, thanks Pastor.




GOD Bless!!!

Rev. Barney said...

Pastor McGhee I agree totallly. How can we invite others to christ when we still have weak saints in our midst. If the foundation is not secure than the whole house is subject to fall.

Anonymous said...

Great post McGhee. Havner's words are always a source of insight and wisdom.

Thanks for posting.

Tony R.