Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Reflections

Today was a great day to be alive and to thank God for the many intangibles He affords us. It was Independence Sunday, a day that holds great significance in my life.

While many celebrated the birth of our country, participated in family reunions, hosted barbeque cookouts and witnessed fireworks displays, I could not help but remember that on this day twenty eight years ago, I was baptized after confessing Christ as Lord of my life. I will never forget it. It was as though it were yesterday. During that time we had Baptism and Communion in the evening and I will never forget the preacher preaching on the subject of God’s amazing grace. I am so glad I’m saved and don’t know what I would do without the Lord.

Anticipating a potential shortage in attendance due to the holiday weekend, we decided to have one service instead of our usual two services. I praise God that the house was full and the spirit was high as the saints praised God for His wondrous works. I continued my series of sermons from Psalm 119 verses 33-40 entitled “Class is in Session.” God truly blessed the preaching moment and several people recommitted their lives to Jesus including two as candidates for baptism. God be praised!!

After worship, my family honored an invitation to dinner at the home of one of the families of our church. Dinner was delicious as well as the rich fellowship we experienced. I am truly thankful for their hospitality as we had no real plans of our own.

We also took time to attend the County fair on the south side of town. Although I did not do a whole lot my son and granddaughter had a ball.
Soon after that, we returned home and shared in the enjoyment of firework with our neighbors who were only too kind to welcome us graciously. We truly have a great group of neighbors who look out for one another and are generous with their resources.

Well, I have bored you long enough. Forgive my ramblings and all. It’s been a great day and I am low on energy. Time to say goodnight. We’ll talk soon!!


RCA72351 said...

Pastor McGhee,

Sunday’s July 4th service exceeded the expectations we gave to our out-of-town guests. They enjoyed the service very much and we had lots of follow-up discussions. They are Catholic and Sunday was there first time ever experiencing a Baptist service. They provided quite a bit of positive feedback on your message, delivery and passion. We are so fortunate to have you as our Pastor during these past 6-7 years.

We thank you very much for making our July 4th weekend a total 360 degree experience.

Brother Armstrong

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Pastor McGhee,

It appears you had an awesome day in worship and fellowship yesterday. Praise God for your witness brother!

Rev. Barney said...

I am so glad that your worship experience was blessed. I want to say happy independence day to you some 28 years ago. It's it great to be free from the power of sin? Love you man.

Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

"Class is in Session", Good Lord reverend, I will be by later have the notes ready. Good to see and read your thought again in this forum how God is blessing you and GSJ

Keep running,