Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is Your Church Irrelevant?

When churches take their eyes off the horizon, the inevitable result is what can be called a “survival mentality.” Rather than accomplishing the plans of God to redeem and transform His creation, they forget their reason for being, which begins a long, agonizing slide into irrelevance. Irrelevant churches fret over inconsequential matters, nitpick their leadership, criticize one another, experiment with worldly strategies for growth, and chase vain philosophies. Meanwhile their surrounding communities hear little of Christ, and what they do hear is unattractive.

Insights on Romans; Charles R. Swindoll; ppg 17

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The Church represents the Bride of Christ who should be in eager anticipation for the Bridegroom (Christ). If we the Church Body of Christ lose its focus of the main objective (Salvation) then why do we gather, lest it be in vain? Not so.

Brother Wilson