Friday, April 10, 2009

Preaching @ Mount Olive - Indy

Last evening, I was in Indianapolis, Indiana sharing with Dr. Carl Z. Liggins, Sr., and the wonderful people of the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church during their 2009 Dunamis Conference.

Dr. Carl Z. Liggins, Sr., and I have known each other ever since his days as an associate minister of Zion Missionary Baptist Church, East Chicago, Indiana, under the leadership of Dr. J.C. Wade, Jr. Since then, he has been privileged to pastor in Mississippi and Georgia and now he is in Indianapolis, and has been there since September of 2008. He is doing a magnanimous job leading the people of Mount Olive Church and I could not be more proud of how the Lord has blessed.

Upon arriving at this great church, my wife and I were overwhelmed by the unmistakable hospitality and warm reception of both pastor and people. I was also pleasantly surprised to see members of GSJ in attendance as well as those from my hometown of Gary, Indiana, who currently reside in Indianapolis.

During the preaching moment, I preached a message from Romans 9:1-3, entitled “The Heart of a Soul Winner.” The objective of the message was to challenge God’s people to have the honesty, heaviness and hunger to see souls saved as Paul did. It was well received beyond my expectation judging by the testimonies I received at the conclusion of worship.

After worship, we continued to fellowship over a meal as we tried to bring each other up to speed concerning God’s work in our ministries. I was truly blessed as a result of this fellowship and am the better for it. Please continue to pray for the ministry of Dr. Liggins to the Mount Olive Church family.

Special thanks to Deacon King for your attendance and the complimentary photo. God Bless!!


Rev. Barney said...

I know the house was bless by your presence. The people of Mount Olive are a wonderful people of God. I had the priviledge of call Mount Olive home for the three years my wife and I lived there.

It was at Mount Olive under the leadership of Dr. Wayne Harris that God delivered me, healed me and set me on the path I now take.

I know the word was recieved well, my sister-in-law told me she is a member there.

Vietta P's two cents said...

It is nothing like great friends, fellowship and the sharing of the word and delicious food together with God's people. My husband and I spend many hours reflecting on the blessings and benefits of ministry among other believers. So happy you and your wife had a wonderful time, and you were graced with the presence of some GSJ members and hometown aquaintances. I know many were blessed to hear you preach. I pray that I will one day have the opportunity to hear you as well. I will be in prayer for Dr. Liggins and the Mt Olive Church as well as for you. Thanks for sharing the experience. Take care.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your experience in Indy!

You are a tremendous blessing as well as a terrific brother