Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tent Service & Picnic

This past Sunday @ GSJ was awesome in every sense of the word. We had our Annual Tent Service & Picnic on our grounds across the street on the corner of Adams and Orange. Aside from the initial technological hiccups, it was a high time in the Lord. We were blessed to have over 400 people in attendance. The joyful noise of God’s people praising against the aroma of barbeque in the background, was a sight to behold and an enjoyable pleasure. After several songs of praise, I preached a message from Romans 12:1-2 answering the question “What Shall I Render unto the Lord for All His Benefits?” The outline I used was as follows:

I. Request - “ I beseech you therefore in view of God’s mercies”
II. Reason - “ present your bodies as a living sacrifice”
III. Requirement – “ be not conformed to this world…. Be transformed
IV. Result – “that you may prove what is that good…….

Thanks to Rev. Sylvester Williams and the people of WUBS 89.7 FM, we were able to broadcast a good portion of our service over the airwaves. After church we continued to fellowship together while consuming a delicious meal under that very tent. It was a great day. We honestly did not want to leave. Looking forward to next year.


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

Professor, I was wondering why the cold front came to South Bend on Sunday, I see why now. GSJ was having tent service and you told God I don't want to preach in the heat, MY GOD!!!!!! So i guess when the sun came out, you were in your close huh! Since you have it like that with God, tell the Lord on behalf of your student, I need a Baker Book House blessing, Bless God for you and your ministry at GSJ and in our community


Clinton Smith said...

Great stuff Pastor! I wish there with you in the tent. I love having church outside it's so refreshing. Good message and work!

Ronald said...

Pastor McGhee you are truly an innovative pastor/teacher. I’m glad God has exposed you and your ministry to me.

Keep going in the direction you are going


Rev. Barney said...

I smelled the food and felt the power wa-a-a-a-ay over on the corner of Van Buren & Cushing!!

Anonymous said...

God bless you for letting God work through you.We felt a great sense of hope in a dark world, that the Light is shining always no matter what is going on around us.That we can constant renewal our faith and trust in a Almighty God. These times of apparent conflict are times to humbly increase our faith and better learn how to trust. I thank God for you.

Yours in Christ,


Unfortunately I had other commitments that day, but the family was hovered around the live radio broadcast.

We were there in spirit!!!

RCA72351 said...

What a Blessed, Spirit filled day! We should consider tent services twice a year. Just a thought. The community, Church Members, Friends, Guests were all so excited and it made the fellowship really enjoyable. Why did it have to end?

Brother Armstrong

Keith D. Witherspoon said...

I originally thought it was a thunderstorm when I heard the noise. Now I know it was the South Bend Cyclone A.K.A. Andre A. McGhee!!