Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Light of the World

Today at GSJ, we celebrated another year of service for the Children’s Choir. The third Sunday of each month is normally set aside to allow the children a more visible and viable role in corporate worship. What a joy it was to see the children in a unique way use their God-given talent to the praise of His glory. We were especially blessed with a musical rendition by Brianna Warren, one of our youth who is currently mastering the art of playing the piano. The church responded with great joy as her growth as a musician became extremely apparent.

I preached a message during our 8am service entitled “The Light of the World” taken from Matthew 5:14-16. My appreciation for this passage of scripture has deepened over the years and since it weighed heavily on my mind this week, I could not wait to preach it. In fact, the Sermon on the Mount, which happens to be the greatest sermon I’ve ever read, by the greatest preacher who ever walked this earth (Jesus), is one of my favorite New Testament discourses. After sharing with His disciples the character which should color one’s conduct in kingdom living, Jesus proceeds to let them know who they really are and what He expected of them. Here is the Sermon Outline:

Title: The Light of the World

Text: Matthew 5: 14-16

Thrust: One who names the name of Christ must have conduct that is consistent, continuous and conspicuous for the world to see and God to be glorified.

I. The People of the Light

A. The Light Identified v.14a

1) Jesus is the Light of the world (John 8:12; John 9:5)

2) You are the light of the world (Eph. 5:8; John 12:36; Matt. 6:22; Rom. 13:12; 1 John 1:7)

a. the poor in spirit (v. 3)
b. those who mourn (v.4)
c. those who are gentle (v.5)
d. those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (v.6)
e. those who are merciful (v.7)
f. those who are pure in heart (v.8)
g. those who are peacemakers (v.9)
h. those who are persecuted (v.10-12)

B. The Light Illustrated – v. 14b; 15a

1) a city on a hill

2) a candle in the house

II. The Power of the Light

A) To dispel darkness

B) To determine direction v. 15b

III. The Purpose of the Light

A) Your good works exposed v.16

B) God’s name exalted v.16

During the 11am worship we had a special guest minister, Rev. Derick Buggs, Associate Minister from the Bethlehem Baptist Church here in South Bend, where my brother and fellow blogger, Pastor Keith D. Witherspoon serves as pastor. Using as a text, Jeremiah 29:10-14, he challenged our youth to trust God’s plan and promises for their lives regardless of the pain life gives or the peer pressure they will face. Rev. Buggs, under the teaching of his pastor is becoming a solid, sound and strong preacher of the Gospel. Special thanks to Pastor Keith D. Witherspoon for sharing his son in the ministry with us this Lord’s Day.

After church, I headed to Bethlehem Baptist Church for dinner upon the invitation of the pastor as they concluded their Annual Senior Day. Truly, this has been a full day and I can’t wait to recuperate on Monday. Pray that the Lord refreshes, reinvigorate and renew me for the responsibilities of this coming week.


Vietta P's Two Cents said...

Just like GSJ, SJF had a wonderful service as well. I am happy you had a great day in the Lord. I work with the young people of our church and I am always glad to hear of children working for God.

Your wonderful 8am sermon coincides with our Sunday school lesson today. Our lessons are published by Urban Ministries. The subject was "Core values of the New Community" taken from Matthew 5:1-16.
1. Free for all (Matt. 5:1-2)
2. True Happiness (vv.3-12)
3. Visible Impact (vv.13-16)
The key to true happiness is having a relationship with Jesus. The Beatitudes are outcomes of that relationship. Jesus reminds us that we are ""The salt of the earth" (v. 13) and "The light of the world" (v. 14).

Thank you Pastor McGhee for sharing your blessed day and allowing me to shout once again for a wonderful Lord's day. A sweet reflection from Sunday school until now through my comments here on your blog.

God be praised!

Rev. Barney said...

It is good to know that there is a time and place set aside where our children can express themsleves in such a way that God is glorified. God bless the vision and the visionary.

I was blessed to hear minister Buggs last month. I concure that he is truly growing in preparation and preaching. May God grant you a season of refreshing, reviving and renewing your strenght

Anonymous said...

Hey McGhee, great post. Children are a valuable part of our ministry work and there is no greater time to equip them and train them for Christian service.

I am a great fan of Adrian Rogers and I heard that same message last week. I am always helped by him even though he is gone home to be with the lord.

Ray is a great preacher and I know he is a tremendous blessing to the congregation and community where he serves.

Keep up the work brother. We pray for your work at GSJ daily.

Be Encouraged!

Tony R.

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

As a Youth Pator it thrills me to see that your youth have a special time of worship with you in your services. May God continue to bless you and your congregation!

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

Again, you have shared another solid sermon with the flock you have care for. I thoroughly respect your commitment to sound preaching. I also commend your efforts to include the youth in worship experience. I have noticed, as we do the same every second Sunday of the month, that this provides an undeniable opportunity for the youth to be trained "in the way they should go." It has also proven to be an evangelistic tool in very unique ways.

Again, thank you for being such a faithful vessel unto our Lord.


Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee,
God is so awesome....the impact of seeing our children in worship was a great attribute to our GSJ church family.
Proverbs 22:6,Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. The children were wonderful!!!

I also, was blessed with your text from (Matt.5:15-16)" God's Light," which followed our Sunday School lesson, " Core Values In our Community," How to find True Happiness through Christ's teaching. If we all as Christians would grasp God's Word, and invest in each other. Wow....

Rev. Buggs message was very inspirational as well. " God has a plan for our lives." I had never had the opportunity to hear him speak. Rev. Buggs truly blessed our congregation as well.

Pastor McGhee, just Know you were sent by God to do His will. God has His hands on you, and I will continue to pray daily for your peace and endurance in your ministry.

Stay prayful my friend.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Brother Pastor,

This is an outstanding outline! I am also well pleased to hear that Rev. Buggs did a good job. I enjoyed our fellowship on yesterday!

I can't wait to hear you preach Sunday!!!!

Ed Johnson III said...

Hey bro. great sermon. I just wanted to send you a shout out. Keep up the good work.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

McGhee what a wonderful outline. You keep showing us a fine example of faithful exposition.