Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday & Sunday Thoughts

The Gospel Chorus of GSJ celebrated 70 years of faithful service to our church this past weekend. We were blessed to hear songs of Zion led by past and present members during a Reunion Concert held on Saturday evening. What a time we had as the atmosphere was filled with the praises of God’s people in worship. One former member, Helen Barham, traveled from the state of Tennessee to be with us and we were truly blessed by her presence. Please pray that God will continue to prosper this integral part of our Music Ministry.

Today at GSJ was a rather challenging preaching experience for me. I continued my sermon series out of 1 Corinthians, chapter 9; a very difficult chapter to preach where you serve as pastor. Regardless of what disclaimer you use, there will always be someone to question your motivation. Even though I’ve preached from 1 Corinthians for a few months now, there are some who accuse you of asking for a raise as if more money for faithful diligence in the Word is an anti-biblical concept. Nevertheless, I valiantly pressed on to follow Paul’s train of thought as he continues to address one of several questions the Corinthians asked of him.

Previously in chapter 8, Paul began to answer their question concerning meat offered to idols. After initially agreeing with the strong whose line of reasoning was not against biblical principles, he cautioned them to not use their christian liberties to offend the weak. While eating meat was not a sin in and of itself, it can become hazardous to the spiritual well being of the weak. Therefore, we must forgo the exercising of our right to eat meat lest we force the weak to violate their own consciences.

In chapter 9 Paul further illustrates this principle by reminding them of his own experience. He begins the opening verses defending his apostleship as he was flanked with underserved criticism from his enemies because of the message he preached, ministry methods he implemented and his refusal to exercise certain apostolic privileges. This led him, however, to remind the Corinthians of some rights he willingly refused so that the gospel is preached without obstruction. Although it was Paul’s apostolic right to receive generous compensation for service rendered, he labored among the Corinthians for three years without a salary. This was brought to their attention not to extort money from them, but to further drive home the fact that sometimes we must voluntarily surrender that which we know we are entitled so that an example of selfless sacrifice can be displayed for others to imitate.

Truly the Lord saw us through as we shared this message in a rather unorthodox way. With that said, I don’t necessarily have an outline I can share. It was one of those Sundays, if you know what I mean. According to some members I talked to following the services, it did not impede their ability to get the point of the passage, for that I am grateful.

We concluded the afternoon with lunch at a local establishment called ‘Trios’ with the Gospel Chorus. There we continued in wholesome fellowship before returning home for the day.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Pastor, God is more concerned with the magnitude of the message more so that the method in which is it is presented!

Praise God for your diligent service in preaching these difficult passages that many pastors don't deal with!

Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee be encouraged. It sounds like you at least made it to first base on today. Be encouraged and keep feeding the flock.

Praying for your work brother.

Tony R.

Rev Ray E. Owens said...

When I grow up, I pray I have the faith to trust God when he clearly is leading his servant to move the people from milk to meat. Doc, you are an awesome preacher and WHATEVER ntes you had, send to 1862 N. Olive

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Pastor McGhee, I truly believe that God was pleased with the content and the presentation, and as long as he was pleased, that's all that matters. You need not worry about things like that when you are presenting it to the people that God put you in charge of, that word is exactly what they needed. I am honored to call such a personality as you friend.



Pastor: McGhee

We as a Body of Believers continually Thank GOD for uprooting you and sending you here to us at Greater Saint John. The WORD you present to us (in all aspects of edification) is to make us more mature, so continue feeding us that unadulterated WORD which is able to save our SOULS.

Brother: Wilson

GOD Bless!!!

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

No matter what the context of your sermon was, you are charged to preach the whole gospel, including money as Christ also did. You are a great Pastor boldly teaching the people in all things especially how to treat money and being a good steward over it.

Our Pastor tells us that Jesus talked about money more than He did about heaven.
Keep on keeping on. Preach the word.

Rev. Barney said...

Woe unto you if you do not preach!

Rev. Barney said...

There is an excellent comment in a book I recently read, ("Why revivals tarries") Leonard Ravenhill. He said, "When God opens the windows of heaven to bless us, the devil will open the door of hell to blast us. God's smile means the devil's frown!" Get this, "Mere preachers may help anybody and hurt nobody; but prophets will stir everybody and madden somebody." Send me the tape and I will play it sunday!!

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Rev. Barney.

Ronald'sBlog said...

Pastor it sounds like it was a challenging message. Continue declaring God’s word as you already faithfully do and remember tough passages makes us into mighty messengers for the kingdom of God. Preach Pastor!

Sola Scriptura


Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee,

Keep teaching and preaching the word of God. Just know that you were called.(1 Pet.2:21).

I'm very glad you enjoyed your Sunday with the Saints. I too, had a wonderful time praising God and ministering through songs. I'm asking for your Prayers daily as I continue to do God's work.

Praying for you always my friend...

Evangelist Janae'

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

I applaud your diligence to be a sound bible teacher and preacher. You have done exactly what Paul exhorted Timothy to do. "Be instant in season and out of season..." Keep Preaching in this way. It is an encouragement to many of us.