Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Great Sunday

Yesterday, all roads led to the Rock of Ages Baptist Church (, a church serving two communities (Maywood and Bolingbrook) Illinois, where Rev. Marvin E. Wiley serves as pastor.

Prior to arriving, I had already determined which of the three services I would attend. Others who had the experience prior, warned me to get there early because failure to do so would make it hard to find convenient parking or comfortable seating. When I opened the door, I was immediately met with the warmth of hospitality and because I had arrived too early, was escorted to the chapel where I could watch the conclusion of the prior service via teleprompter. You should have seen the anticipation plastered upon my countenance as I eagerly anticipated hearing one of my homiletical heroes.

Pastor Wiley is a preacher par excellent, a visionary pastor, well sought after evangelist and one of nicest people you will ever meet. I just knew he would be in town so after worship began, I waited for him to enter the sanctuary when I learned that recording artist, Darius Brooks, formerly of the Thompson Community Singers, is the minister of music, so you know the church was set ablaze with the worship and praises of God’s people.

The service was in high gear from the start, making preaching very easy. Before long my greatest fear happened. Someone who was not the pastor walked out and sat in his seat. During my bout with disappointment, I did not immediately recognize this individual. It dawn on me that it was Pastor Decarto Draper, Jr., pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Mi.

Pastor Draper is a powerful young preacher-pastor who is one of Pastor Wiley’s sons in the ministry. He really brought it as he preached a message from II Corinthians 12:7-10 entitled “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” The message was well received and really ministered to hurting people who suffer God-given thorns to keep them humble while serving faithfully. Although I was initially dejected and disappointed that Pastor Wiley was a no show, Draper rose to the occasion and God used him in a mighty way.

It was a great day of celebrating God’s unmerited favor upon us in a multiplicity of ways, and I am truly thankful to be one of His today.

P.S. Continue to keep us in your prayers. My vacation has ended so you know what that means. Peace!!


Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

It's so refreshing that God knows what we need inspite of our disappointments. I would have loved to hear the sermon "I can't get no satisfaction". Certainly the text in II Corinthians ministered to many with the hurt of apparent thorns in the flesh and how God wants us to deal with them. Personally I know God is truly strong during my weaknesses.

Pastor McGhee, I am happy you had a wonderful worship experience on yesterday. Thanks for sharing it with us. Be blessed.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

McGhee, it seems like you had a grand day on yesterday. Firstly, the Rock of Ages Church is a GREAT place of worship. Secondly, Pastor Draper is somebody's preacher. WOW!


RCA72351 said...

Pastor, so happy you are experiencing a spirit filled vacation with all the churches your are visiting. You are very good with words by the way, may be time to write that book. Really missing your preaching and teaching for the past 2 weeks. We are lost without our Spiritural Father. Looking forward to the first Sunday in September when you return. Please let our First Lady know she is very much missed also.

Brother Armstrong

Keith D. Witherspoon said...


I am so glad that you had the time to relax, refresh, and reflect. Both you and your church will be better as a result! I am glad you had a great worship experience. Draper is a Super Preacher!!

Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee,

I hope spending this time with family, visiting other churches, and your time with God has been a wonderful experience. I Hope you were Spiritually feed and ready for the task God has given you. I pray for your speedy return to the pulpit.

Peace be with you.

Evangelist Janae'

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

So glad to hear you had a great day in the Lord! I hope you are refreshed and rested in the Lord. Keep up the good work for Him! Your Brother in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Pastor...I am glad you enjoyed church last sunday at Rock of Ages...Next time you visit you'll get a chance to hear Rev. Wiley speak..Yes the sermon was very powerful..spirit was high..Pastor Draper is something else.... Coincidently I am the young lady that was sitting to the left of you Sunday.Hope to visit yor church soon!

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

Yes, I KNOW what that means. I had a very short vacation when me and my family traveled to Orlando. But then I had another short vacation about a week or so ago out of the city (When we went to the Cowboys game). Glad to know that you enjoyed the service nonetheless.

Pastor K said...

Hey Pastor McGhee:
How could you forget about the time you shared with Greater Destiny & I at W.O.W. Fest!!! Just Kidding, it was good seeing you, catching up and sharing time in fellowship. Keep up the great work you are doing over there in South Bend. God's Blessings on You and the Family!!
Pastor Kelly Williams Sr.