Friday, September 5, 2008

What A Fellowship

Last evening my brother, Pastor Keith D. Witherspoon and I, had the awesome blessing of traveling to Grand Rapids, MI., for worship with Pastor Decarto Draper Jr., and the Bethlehem Baptist Church during the second night of their “Power-Pac Revival 2008."

We were encouraged, empowered and enriched as we heard the teaching and preaching of Dr. Clifton Rhodes Jr. of Messiah Missionary Baptist Church(, Grand Rapids, MI. and Pastor Marvin E. Wiley of Rock of Ages Baptist Church(, Maywood Ill.

Dr. Rhodes was the featured lecturer who stirred us up immediately by challenging us to evaluate our spiritual posture before God. He stated that in order for us to accomplish this feat we must begin with an honest assessment of our obedience to the word and discipline in prayer. Pastor Rhodes is a seasoned preacher who can be a tremendous asset to the young Timothys of the gospel.

After music rendered by guest choirs, we were ready to hear preaching from Pastor Marvin E. Wiley. He preached a message entitled “It’s All Good” taken from Psalm 119:71. As a young pastor, I was really locked in, not only because he is one of my pastoral heroes, but because he really encouraged us to develop a deeper appreciation for God’s word while facing various afflictions in life. I don't have to tell you that serving the Lord has it's share of bumps and bruises, but God will deliver us out of them all. The message ended with a brief testimony highlighting how God’s faithfulness and the love of his beloved congregation helped him in recent physical afflictions. God always come through for us when we stand on His word.

We were able to further cherish this rare opportunity to glean from these men over dinner as we discussed church life, mutual friends and ministerial philosophies which proved to be simply delightful. I came away from the experience of fellowship more determined to improve my stewardship toward God as it relate to my church and the whole of life. God Be Praised!!!!


Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

It is good that you had the opportunity for this worship experience and a chance to sit at the feet of wisdom. Everyone needs to have this in their lives no matter what their lot in life is. I use to sit on my grandfather's front porch and listen to he and my father (both preacher/pastors) share with each other their experiences and philosophies. Then along came my husband and my son Kraig as partners in the discussion. It was a wonder to behold their excitement in sharing a rich gospel and seeing greater understanding unfold right before your eyes. Oh, "What a fellowship" it was and a divine classroom (unknowingly) it became for me.
Thank you for sharing your experience and prompting this wonderful memory of "my" family of preachers.

Keith D. Witherspoon said...


I enjoyed the fellowship! Thanks for taking me with you! I am blessed to have you for a brother

Clinton Smith said...

I wish I was with you to hear Pastor Marvin Wiley. He's one of my heroes as well. I see him every week on the Word network but that's nothing compared to what you experienced. I'm jealous! LOL