Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awesome Sunday

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of worshipping with two churches within the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. Most of my fellow bloggers are aware that I am in the midst of a long overdue vacation from the rigors of pastoral ministry. However, I could not resist the opportunity to witness two of my pastoral colleagues lead their congregations in worship.

This morning my family and I traveled an hour and a half to worship with Pastor Addis Moore & the Mt. Zion Baptist Church ( during their 7:45am service. Pastor Moore preached a message from a current series entitled "Going for the Gold" using as a foundational text, the gospel of Luke chapter 9 verse 23. During the message, He challenged the congregation to commit themselves totally to following Jesus, taking into consideration the cost. The lost soul and following Jesus was liken to the gold that Olympians aggressively pursue no matter the sacrifice or inconvenience. Pastor Moore is doing a great work and I solicit your prayers on his behalf.

Later, we worshipped with Dr. J. Louis Felton & the Galilee Baptist Church ( during their 10:30am service. It's been a while since I've heard Dr. Felton preach and he did not disappoint. I must admit showing up unannounced was rather risky knowing that he is one of America's most sought after evangelists, and the possibility that he might not be in town, but, the suspense subsided when I saw him enter the sanctuary. He is truly a prolific preacher and visionary pastor.

Dr. Felton preached a sermon entitled "Children of a lesser god" in which he used an assortment of scripture references including John 8:44-47; Exodus 20:1-6 and the theme verse for the year, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6. In the message he says:

" The struggle of our Judeo-Christian set of values is largely played out against the context of the struggle between the concepts of God. We are surrounded by secular influences every day that we live. The vestiges of false gods are around us in every place in life. Therefore in order to understand our pilgrimage of faith, we must understand what it is that God has delivered us from in order for us to realize what God is delivering us through and to."

Furthermore, the message challenged us to rid ourselves of the gods we tend to cling to so that we can serve God faithfully, and without reservation. Continue to pray for Dr. Felton & the Galilee Church, as they strive for excellence in ministry.

Praise God for the privilege of feasting on His word without the burden of preaching, teaching, ministering or any other labor of love associated with pastoral leadership. Besides, I enjoyed spending time in the pew with my family and lending my ear to them as they shared their worship reflections.

Upon leaving church, we shared dinner together and enjoyed a safe ride back to South Bend. Truly, I am grateful for God's faithfulness, loving-kindness and the prayers of my family of bloggers, as I further savor my vacation and family time. Blessings!!


RCA72351 said...

Glad to hear you and you family enjoyed some down time together, espeically out of towm. Happy your traveling went well and safe. Always praying for you, the family and your dedication to our Lord.

As always, Rev. Brown was animated this morning (using props) and had a good message (|"Hold on"). The Drill Team performed at the Gospel in the Garden today (felt proud watching the chldren). Was a nice program and I took some pictures of their performance. Stay focused.

Brother Armstrong

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

WOW! an hour and a half to a 7:45 a.m. service? Before that you all had to get dressed to go. How much sleep did you get the night before? I thought my husband and I were the only ones who call themselves on vacation, with the opportunity to "sleep in", and go to a service 10 minuets away that starts at 11:00 a.m. or better yet do the night service thing. But, instead we do exactly the same thing you did. We always leave rejoicing (tired) but rejoicing.

I am happy you are enjoying your time away. May you be refreshed and renewed to run on a little futher for the Lord on your return.

Be safe

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

McGhee, Glad to know that you and your family are getting some rest; and enjoying in worship together. I am also glad to find that your worship experiences today were a blessing; I will have to check out the two sites referenced. By the way-if I haven't shared this before-I must say that you are an exceptional writer; and you are good with words and sentence structure. Sorry, my bachelors degree major was biblical studies; but my minor was English. Go figure. I can't help it. Enjoy your time off and hope to read more soon.

Keith D. Witherspoon said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful worship experience! Continue to enjoy your vaction!!!

Ed Johnson III said...

Great to hear that you and the family took the opportunity to go on vacation. It is always a healthy thing to take breaks here and there.


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

My friend, I am glad that you and your family are able to both recreate and receive a rich Word from the Lord. God be praised!


Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee,

I'm glad you have the opportunity to travel with your family and worship with some of your fellow colleagues. It's seem like you're having a wonderful time in the Lord. I pray God will keep his loving hands on you.

Be Blessed!

Evangelist Marie


I really enjoyed the link to Dr. J. Louis Felton & the Galilee Baptist Church it allowed me to somewhat get to know this man of GOD, whom I've only heard of in bits and pieces. I was Blessed to here of some of his internet web site sermons and now see that this dynamic preacher, preaching will only aid me in my spiritual growth. I was Blessed to attend several National BTU Drill Team competitions where the Galilee Baptist Church was well represented.

Brother: Wilson

"Keep up the Good Work"!!!