Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Reflections

This afternoon I had every intention of attending the Opening Musical of the 151st Annual Session of The Indiana Missionary Baptist State Convention & Its Auxiliaries Inc., but my mind and body is tired.

We are convening this week, August 3-8, with The Second Missionary Baptist Church of Kokomo, In., where, Dr. Robert A. Lee is pastor and sitting president. I am scheduled to preach during the Tuesday evening session, so, pray that I'm refreshed.

The Lord blessed us this morning during both services even though I was not completely satisfied with my sermon presentation. Some of the members could tell that I was not my normal self even though they appreciated the messages.

We shared a message from James chapter 1 verses 21-25 entitled "Responding To The Truth of God's Word." I'm pleased to report that despite my issues, the Lord added 5 souls to the church and several others renewed their commitment to Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!

I solicit your prayers as I seek the closest opportunity to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. May I suggest the same of you, servant of God, before you run yourself down.


Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

Pastor McGhee,

I appreciate and applaud your availing yourself to the Lord. Yes, it does require that "virtue" be expended in our ministry endeavours. I will pray that God refresh and renew you as you continue in "the work of ministry."

Anonymous said...

Pastor McGhee,

As a servant of God, I know just how you feel. I often times forget my needs while serving others and become weary and exhausted. I'm taking some much needed time to rest in God and my hope is that you will do the same. I will continue to pray for God's favor on you as you continue to do the Lord's work.

Keith D. Witherspoon said...


God Bless you!! We all need to relax and refresh! I pray that all goes well on this week during your session and that God will give you power to preach on Tuesday!!

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

McGhee, I will be praying for you this week - particularly Thursday. I pray that you are being refreshed and renewed today. Know that you are in our prayers.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

McGhee I know exactly how you are feeling, that's why I took my wife and hopped on a plane and am taking this week to relax on South Beach. Preach for Jesus!